Guidelines & Entry Information


Step 1: Review the Categories and Prepare your Entry

The Zonie awards offer multiple categories that represent the different disciplines within the creative events industry, Identify the category that best fits your event or event component. Criteria for each award are listed under the Categories and Criteria tab on the Zonie website.


Step 2: Access the Zonie Awards Form(s)

  • Complete your award registration online, using the link located on the 'Registration' page.
  • Payment is due at time of registration. (Cost will vary based on date submitting and can be paid for online by credit card. ---For more pricing information, please view our FAQ page.)
  • Once this is complete you will receive your unique applicant ID Number.
  • Download the correct submission form for your category. 
  • Begin your submission.
  • For additional tips, please see the “Reference Guide - What the Judges are Looking For” located under the 'Apply' tab


Step 3: Review the Award Submission & Submit

  • Entries can be saved and finished at any time on your Word Doc before the entry deadlines.
  • Entries should be thoroughly reviewed before submitting.
  • Save your entry in PDF format.
  • Upload and submit your submission before the deadline. 
  • Once you have submitted your entry online, no changes may be made, so please be sure it is complete.
  • If you are submitting multiple entries, please repeat this process for each entry.