• All entries must be received by 10:00 pm, Wednesday, August 7, 2019. Entries must be submitted digitally via the online form (link located on the 'Entry Forms' page) using your unique applicant ID number assigned to you. Entries received after 10:00 pm, Wednesday, August 7, 2018 will not be accepted.

  • The format that must be followed is specified on each of the Category Entry Checklists provided. Entries must adhere to the Rules and the Checklist. Point deductions and/or disqualification for non-compliance may result if an entry fails to follow the rules.

  • These entries MUST remain anonymous. To ensure this, we ask that no entrant name(s), company name(s) images of the entrant or entrant company logo may appear in any part of the entry, including file names or digital files (except the Entry Certification Form). Entries including entrant’s names and/or entrant’s company logos WILL be disqualified.

  • Any applicant may enter any event in more than one category unless otherwise states in descriptions. A separate complete online entry submission and entry fee is required for each entry.

  • Entry registration must include an online payment for the appropriate fee. Zonie Entry registration does not include a seat at the Awards Gala.

  • The number of nominations in each category is based on merit, not the number of entries. All decisions of the independent judges are final. The entries will be judged by a selected group of event/hospitality professionals who are not participating entrants and are located out of state.

  • Only one award trophy will be given per entry. The entrants have the opportunity to purchase additional trophy replicas while submitting award entry.